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Enhance any room of the house with these natural aromatherapy diffusers. Fragrant, long-lasting and, get this, made with essential oils. These are truly exceptional and a great value too!

Description   Aromatherapy quality essential oils in attractive glass vessels, diffused through wooden reeds, to naturally scent your home.

Benefits   Our sense of smell is powerful in that it affects the way we think and feel. Aromatherapy with reed diffusers is a safe way to create wonderful fragrances in every room of your home, without the risk of harmful flames. They add beauty and a touch of luxury to your home. Reed diffusers also add a relaxing “feel” to every room.

Instructions   Place reeds into the vase and allow them to soak in the scented oil for about half an hour. Remove reeds, flip them around and insert the other end into the bottle. Be careful with the oil and any drippings. Leave reeds in oil to diffuse the scent for a couple of days to a week, then flip them again to refresh.