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Category: White Label Projects

Friends of the River

Champaign Mission Messages that impact Pictures of soap, stamped message find it on their FB Messages come in all sizes, NFP Friends of the River wanted to send a message, specifically about water, which lent over to conserving some while showering. Think tanker Topher from Leo Brunette came up with this brilliance and once afternoon Friends of the...
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Gayle Force Massage

Lip Balms to gift to perspective clients Picture of lip balm and her logo, website There’s a consistency needed in networking, introductions, then leaving them remembering you. Gayle Force, a sought after Massage Service, is like no other in town, her gift is a fine lip balm we designed to better center oneself, leaving you grounded, with...
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Gentlemen’s Reserve

Suited Soaps and Bread Oils Photo of product, clip of video that we are in. Sometimes, need, motivates you to make a difference. Brandon came to us to formulate and support his vision within his brand. Care and understanding Brandon’s intentions became the makeup of his line, the road to the Reserve scent pallet and product was a...
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Grazie Salon

Branded Candles Grand Opening Candle shot, ambiance shot Opening night is very special, Grazia wanted to gift each guest a piece of her evening with a signature scent that resonates in her studio. We created scent pallets and formulated candles in elegant ampules that were well-received thank you gifts that recreated the aromatic ambiance in their home. Understanding a...
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The Guest House Hotel

 1oz custom soaps for each Guestroom  Picture of soap, cut, packaged, boxed –pix of hotel. Committed to local The Guest House sets themselves apart by their attention to detail. Eco conscious, The Guest House provides their guests the kindest bath products for their stay. Teaming up with Hotels to best bring out finer details with crafted products, making partnerships...
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Hidden Folk

Distinctive Soaps for their bathing line Pictures from them, testimony and pix of soap Our friendship started at a wholesalers show, I walked up, said hey, how you doing, I make soap too. Viktor told me of all the goodness each product had, I could see the complex packaging that he designed and what Anthropology and William...
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Jo Snow Flavorings

Quality Using syrups to create tiered goods for sale Lip balm picture and their logo Flavor Company Jo Snow has multiple syrups to chose from for incredible drink making fun. Now you can have this fun in a lip balm and when its on your lips your customers cant stop talking about how wonderful the syrups are.
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Mr. Magic

Infused Detox Soaps Picture of soap – quote testimony Years of development went into this incredible Detox, so much so that a skin care line was the next oblivious step for The Magic Tea Company. We started by infusing the herbs, which make up this brilliant tea combining beneficial oils with freshly brewed tea, to make an exceptional...
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Olive Bin

Lip balms with unique olive oil flavors Picture of lip balms, pix of Olive Bin shop When the Olive Bin asked if we could use their high quality flavored oils to make something scrumptiously smooth and beneficial for lips we said “We love Olive Oil!”
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Ozinga Cement Company

2500 Customer Gifts for Mother’s day Salves and Lip balms Picture of Ozinga plant and product Our goal is to rid folks of dry cracked skin, Ozinga Cement Company, realized some common ground and reached out to us. Producing 5000 products for their women clients and friends would share the depth of thought and self care.
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