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Soft for babes and moms alike, our chamomile blends are gentle and soft for newbie skin. We are proud to share these with you and hope you share them with any moms needing a gentle relaxing lift to calm the day.

Chamomile Babe Soap


Our most gentle bar for the most sensitive of skin.

3 oz Bathe your babe in this pure olive oil bar.

Chamomile Babe Oil


4oz. Massaging baby’s skin is beneficial.  After bath, gently apply a few drops. Massage into skin to soothe and relax.

Chamomile Babe Butter


2 oz Butter for babes. Gently moisturizes baby’s skin and soothes irritation.

Chamomile Babe Milk


. . . I shall be Queen and you will be King . . . and we will bathe each day in chamomile tea and lavender petals.

Use the provided sachet as a carrier for the milk bath when adding to water.