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Aroma Workshop


Let’s all scent together and smell the opportunities in essential oils and their goodness.

This class is for all who wish to learn more about scent pallets that enhance the way we feel.



Butters & Oils Class


So many Butters and Oils to choose from, what is one to do, but to play with them all in this unique class.

Infusion Class

Infusions light up our life with goodness from nature preserved in oils.
We will explore and create the many possibilities.


Private One on One


Have your own business and looking for some guidance? Maybe you’re working on starting up… look no further, Owner Deb Kraemer is here to help! Sit down and talk beauty and business with the woman herself.


If you are interested in scheduling a One on One with Deb, please email or call us. Dates to be determined.

Soap Making 101


Making Cold Process soap is a rewarding process, creating something natural and wonderful that you use everyday. Now more than ever we can appreciate the value of a good soap. Come over and learn how to blend oils and craft soap. We learn all the attributes to soap hands on class.

Thank you for your class interest.

Please Note there is a $10 shipping but it turns out to be the transaction with tax that is taxed differently than retail that the government now requires.

Soap Making 201


Learning to make soap is fun, exciting, and unique! This intermediate level class is great for anyone who wants to learn the next steps of soap making, connect with people, and make soap more confidently at home.

We recommend taking Soap 101  prior, some practical experience is needed before taking this level.

2 Day Workshop


This intensive weekend lab is ideal for those who would rather take all our classes in one weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to work in our kitchen, learn the craft of soap making, creating products, having fun with ingredients that will build your experience and help guide you to achieve your goals!