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Basil Essential Oil


Description: ocimum basilicum
Aroma: Spicy, sweet & licorice-like
Effect: Relaxing & strengthening

Bergamot Essential Oil


Description: citrus bergamia
Aroma: Light, fresh & floral. Found in perfume
Effect: Uplifting & balances emotions

Cedarwood Essential Oil


Description: cedrus atlantica
Aroma: warm, sweet, soft, woody
Uses: Regenerative, anti-septic, tonic, anti-spasmodic
Effect:Encourages strength, focus, balance, confidence and

Clary Sage Essential Oil


Description: salvia sclarea
Aroma: Earthy, sweet & dirt and fruit
Uses: Strengthens the nervous system, Controls pains & fatigue. Balances hormones.
Effect: Sedating, Centering

Clove Essential Oil


Description: eugenia caryophyllata
Aroma: Spicy, woody & a little bitter
Uses: Pain reliever. Fights bacteria & infection. Eases arthritis. Great for sprains & toothaches.
Effect: Warming & stimulating

Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Description: eucalyptus radiate
Aroma: Fresh, medicinal & earthy
Uses: Deodorant. Insecticide. Fights fevers, flues, colds & cold sores. Cools skin abrasions.
Effect: Cooling & refreshing

Geranium Rose Essential Oil


Description: pinus sylvestris
Aroma: Fresh, woody & earthy
Uses: Decongestant. Treats urinary infections. Disinfectant. Air freshener. Eases breathing.
Effect: Refreshing & reviving

Ginger Essential Oil


Description: zingibar officinale
Aroma: Spicy, warm & zesty
Uses: Eases aching muscles, bruises, nausea & arthritis. Stimulates appetite & circulation.
Effect: Warming & grounding

Lavender Essential Oil


Description: lavandula officinalis
Aroma: Floral, sweet & refreshing
Uses: Treats assorted skin problems & burns. Strengthens the immune system & speeds healing.
Effect: Balancing, soothing, & relaxing

Lemon Essential Oil


Description: citrus lemon
Aroma: Strong, fresh citrus scent
Uses: Relieves headaches. Clears skin. Relieves voice loss, stress & fatigue. Increases energy level.
Effect: Energizing & stimulating

Lemongrass Essential Oil


Description: cymbopogon citrates
Aroma: An earthy citrus scent
Uses: Stimulates circulation. Strengthens the immune system. Lessens acne & lactic acid.
Effect: Refreshing & cheering

Marjoram Essential Oil


Description: origanum majorana
Aroma: Herbal, warm & sweet
Uses: Relieves muscle aches, coughing, spasms & menstrual pain. Aides digestion. Fights insomnia.
Effect: Warming & relaxing