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Deep Dish Little Italy


From the vine, Tomato and Basil.

4oz Candle

Pairs well with Deep Dish Soap for a perfect gift.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Description: eucalyptus radiate
Aroma: Fresh, medicinal & earthy
Uses: Deodorant. Insecticide. Fights fevers, flues, colds & cold sores. Cools skin abrasions.
Effect: Cooling & refreshing

Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil


A soothing, odorless massage oil.

Geranium Rose Essential Oil


Description: pinus sylvestris
Aroma: Fresh, woody & earthy
Uses: Decongestant. Treats urinary infections. Disinfectant. Air freshener. Eases breathing.
Effect: Refreshing & reviving

Ginger Essential Oil


Description: zingibar officinale
Aroma: Spicy, warm & zesty
Uses: Eases aching muscles, bruises, nausea & arthritis. Stimulates appetite & circulation.
Effect: Warming & grounding

Great Lakes Maritime


4 oz Great Lakes & Bergamot bar, gently exfoliating.

Great Lakes Maritime


The scent of Ocean and Bergamot.

4oz Candle

Pairs well with Great Lakes Soap for a perfect gift.

Green Line


The fresh scent of Cilantro and Lime.

4oz Candle

Pairs well with Green Line Soap for a perfect gift!

In the Loop


The warm scent of Chocolate and Vanilla.

4 oz Candle

Pairs well with In the Loop Soap for a perfect gift!

In the Woods


Rejuvenates your soul, like the cool green of a forest floor.

4oz Candle Tin

In the Woods Diffuser Refill


Reforest the room.

9oz Refill – Reeds sold separately

In the Woods Room Diffuser


Reforest the room.

6oz jar – Reeds included