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Peppermint Essential Oil


Description: mentha piperita
Aroma: Minty, fresh menthol scent
Uses: Relieves sunburn, cramps, motion sickness & nausea. Cleanses skin. Lessens vertigo.
Effect: Clearing, uplifting, & vitalizing

Pine Needle Essential Oil


Description: pinus sylvestris
Aroma: Fresh, woody & earthy
Uses: Decongestant. Treats urinary infections. Disinfectant. Air freshener. Eases breathing.
Effect: Refreshing & reviving

Red Line


The sweet floral scent of Geranium Rose.

4oz Candle

Pairs well with Red Line Soap for a perfect gift!



Inhale the love. Soft & encouraging qualities.

4oz Candle Tin

Rosebuds Diffuser Refill


Soothe the room.

9oz Refill – Reeds sold separately

Rosebuds Room Diffuser


Soothe the room.

6oz jar – Reeds included

Rosemary Essential Oil


Description: rosmarinus officinalis
Aroma: Sweet, woody & a little medicinal
Uses: Eases stiff joints. Clears skin. Helps with fatigue. Aids circulation & memory recall.
Effect: Fresh, detoxifying & clarifying

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil


Will help balance your skin’s moisture while¬†contributing essential vitamins.

Sweet Apricot Carrier Oil


Packed with vitamins A and B, this light oil aids in healing & rejuvenates skin cells.

Sweet Home Chicago


The fresh scent of Jasmine and Sandalwood.

4 oz Candle

Pairs well with Sweet Home Soap for a perfect gift!

Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Description: citrus sinensis
Aroma: Strong, fresh citrus scent
Uses: Relieves digestion & liver ailments. Encourages self-confidence. Air freshener.
Effect: Comforting, uplifting & heightening

Tea Tree Essential Oil


Description: melaleuca alternifolia
Aroma: Herbal, medicinal & earthy
Uses: Anti-fungal. Lessens asthma & coughs. Treats infections, chicken pox, sores & warts.
Effect: Cleansing, stimulating & purifying