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Great Lakes ‘Shea Lips’ Lip Balm


Great Lake freshness is a combination of scents of Breeze and Sweet Bergamot.

Great Lakes Maritime


4 oz Great Lakes & Bergamot bar, gently exfoliating.

Great Lakes Maritime


The scent of Ocean and Bergamot.

4oz Candle

Pairs well with Great Lakes Soap for a perfect gift.

Green Line


4oz cilantro and lime scented bar.


Green Line ‘Shea Lips’ Lip Balm


Cilantro and Lime on the Green Line Lip balm.



5oz Earth & Sandalwood bar.

Handmade in Chicago Gift Set


This gift set comes with two soaps: one “Handmade in Chicago” soap and one with the Chicago neighborhood of your choice.



4oz Herb garden in your shower bar.

Honey Oatmeal


4oz  Oatmeal & Lavender nighttime bar.

In the Loop


4 oz Chocolate & Vanilla bar.


In the Loop


The warm scent of Chocolate and Vanilla.

4 oz Candle

Pairs well with In the Loop Soap for a perfect gift!

In the Loop ‘Shea Lips’ Lip Balm


Mmm… the sweet smell of Chocolate and Vanilla.