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All that Jazz


4 oz Bergamot , Calendula & Yang Ylang bar.

Almond Bliss


4oz Almond Butter, goat Milk & Honey.
This bar is Essential Oil Free.



4 oz Gentle Chamomile bar.



Enjoy the sweet seasonal scented of Cranberries with this bar! You’ll feel one step closer to fall and family after just one whiff!

Fields of Lavender


4 oz Lavender Lather up and relax the day away bar.

Honey Oatmeal


4oz  Oatmeal & Lavender nighttime bar.

In the Woods


4 oz Rejuvenating forest green exfoliating bar.



4 oz Fresh scent of lemongrass, exfoliating your day.

London Sky


4 oz Relaxing fresh rain and luscious lather bar.



4oz Sweet Orange and Mango creamy butter bar.

Orange Clove


4oz Sweet Orange fruit & spice swirled bar.



4 oz Patchouli, Sandalwood & Rose sensual lather bar