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All That Jazz Silk Milk


The centering essentials of Bergamot & Ylang Ylang will leave you alined… smelling yummy.

Chamomile Babe Milk


. . . I shall be Queen and you will be King . . . and we will bathe each day in chamomile tea and lavender petals.

Use the provided sachet as a carrier for the milk bath when adding to water.

Chamomile Silk Milk


She stepped out of her big girl clothes and into a bath of milk and petals ~ washing away the day and welcoming the night.

Lavender Silk Milk


Invoking restful sleep and the sweetest of dreams bath.

Mango Silk Milk


Slip into this delicious bath of fruit and cream, satisfy your sweetness.

Pear Silk Milk


Pear Up and bathe with someone you love in this uplifting blend of cucumber and pear.

Rosebuds Silk Milk


Your skin will feel kissed by an angel soft.

Steep Your Feet Salt Soak


Steep your  tired achy feet and rejuvenate your soles.

3 Servings, scoop into sachet and steep your feet.