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4.5oz Feel the forest floor beneath your feet bar.

Neighborhood Bar


Enjoy this Lemongrass bar wrapped in the Chicago Flag!

Also available with a neighborhood in place of “Handmade in Chicago”, please specify if you would like a certain neighborhood at check out.

Palmarosa Essential Oil


Description: cymbopogon martini
Aroma: Soft, fresh & rose-like
Uses: Anti-depressant. Hydrates skin. Relieves stress. Lessens anger. Cools body temperature.
Effect: Calming & uplifting.

Patchouli Essential Oil


Description: pogostemon cablin
Aroma: Earthy, spicy & distinct
Uses: Prevents wrinkles. Relives itching, dandruff & athlete’s foot. Regenerates skin cells.
Effect: Stimulating & soothing

Pear Silk Milk


Pear Up and bathe with someone you love in this uplifting blend of cucumber and pear.

Pear Up


Lifting spirits with scents of pear and cool cucumber.

4oz Candle Tin

Pear Up Diffuser Refill


Inhale the room.

9oz Refill – Reeds sold separately

Pear Up Room Diffuser


Inhale the room.

6oz jar – Reeds included

Peppermint ‘Shea Lips’ Lip Balm


Soften your pucker, naturally.

Peppermint Essential Oil


Description: mentha piperita
Aroma: Minty, fresh menthol scent
Uses: Relieves sunburn, cramps, motion sickness & nausea. Cleanses skin. Lessens vertigo.
Effect: Clearing, uplifting, & vitalizing

Pine Needle Essential Oil


Description: pinus sylvestris
Aroma: Fresh, woody & earthy
Uses: Decongestant. Treats urinary infections. Disinfectant. Air freshener. Eases breathing.
Effect: Refreshing & reviving



4 oz Lemon bright and zesty bar.