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Quench! Body Butter


7oz Lemon Verbena whipped butter.

For dry, cracked skin & everyday moisturizing.

Quench! ‘Shea Lips’ Lip Balm


Soften your pucker, naturally.

Rosemary Essential Oil


Description: rosmarinus officinalis
Aroma: Sweet, woody & a little medicinal
Uses: Eases stiff joints. Clears skin. Helps with fatigue. Aids circulation & memory recall.
Effect: Fresh, detoxifying & clarifying

Tea Soap


4 oz Soothing Chamomile Tea bar.

Tomato Basil


4 oz Freshly plucked from the vine bar

Vanilla Citrus ‘Shea Lips’ Lip Balm


Soften your pucker, naturally.

Windy City Chicago


4.5oz Chicago themed wrap… read the newspaper!

Woods Shea Balm


Scoop some out and massage into skin. Your skin will drink it up. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

2oz Tin

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil


Description: cananga odorata
Aroma: Fresh, floral & a little fruity
Uses: Aphrodisiac. Relieves stress & tension. Lowers blood pressure. Great for hair care.
Effect: Warming, sensual & euphoric