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4 oz Fresh scent of lemongrass, exfoliating your day.



4.5oz Feel the forest floor beneath your feet bar.

Neighborhood Bar


Enjoy this Lemongrass bar wrapped in the Chicago Flag!

Also available with a neighborhood in place of “Handmade in Chicago”, please specify if you would like a certain neighborhood at check out.



4 oz Patchouli, Sandalwood & Rose sensual lather bar

Basil Me


4 oz  Stimulating Rosemary mint exfoliant bar.

Tea Tree


4 oz Tea Tree and Eucalyptus bar



5 oz Connect yourself to Earth and Cedar bar.



5oz  Frankincense, sandalwood & Myrrh bar.

Woods Man Shave Bar


3.5oz Woods clean shaving bar.



5 oz Experience the sensual aroma of Patchouli bar.