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Clary Sage Essential Oil


Description: salvia sclarea
Aroma: Earthy, sweet & dirt and fruit
Uses: Strengthens the nervous system, Controls pains & fatigue. Balances hormones.
Effect: Sedating, Centering



4oz Warm, grounding Sage bar.



4oz Herb garden in your shower bar.

Herbal Healing Salve


1oz Salve shown to have beneficial healing properties when used topically.



In the Woods


4 oz Rejuvenating forest green exfoliating bar.

Marjoram Essential Oil


Description: origanum majorana
Aroma: Herbal, warm & sweet
Uses: Relieves muscle aches, coughing, spasms & menstrual pain. Aides digestion. Fights insomnia.
Effect: Warming & relaxing



4.5oz Feel the forest floor beneath your feet bar.

Peppermint Essential Oil


Description: mentha piperita
Aroma: Minty, fresh menthol scent
Uses: Relieves sunburn, cramps, motion sickness & nausea. Cleanses skin. Lessens vertigo.
Effect: Clearing, uplifting, & vitalizing

Basil Me


4 oz  Stimulating Rosemary mint exfoliant bar.

Tea Tree


4 oz Tea Tree and Eucalyptus bar

Tea Tree Essential Oil


Description: melaleuca alternifolia
Aroma: Herbal, medicinal & earthy
Uses: Anti-fungal. Lessens asthma & coughs. Treats infections, chicken pox, sores & warts.
Effect: Cleansing, stimulating & purifying



5 oz Connect yourself to Earth and Cedar bar.