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4 oz Gentle Chamomile bar.

Chamomile Body Butter


7oz Chamomile whipped butter.

For dry, cracked skin & everyday moisturizing.

Chamomile Babe Butter


2 oz Butter for babes. Gently moisturizes baby’s skin and soothes irritation.

Chamomile Babe Milk


. . . I shall be Queen and you will be King . . . and we will bathe each day in chamomile tea and lavender petals.

Use the provided sachet as a carrier for the milk bath when adding to water.

Chamomile Babe Oil


4oz. Massaging baby’s skin is beneficial.  After bath, gently apply a few drops. Massage into skin to soothe and relax.

Chamomile Babe Soap


Our most gentle bar for the most sensitive of skin.

3 oz Bathe your babe in this pure olive oil bar.

Chamomile Body Oil


4oz Calming your skin leaving it supple and soft.

Smooth a small amount over hands, legs, arms… anywhere that needs some soothing!


Fields of Lavender


4 oz Lavender Lather up and relax the day away bar.

Herbal Healing Salve


1oz Salve shown to have beneficial healing properties when used topically.



Honey Oatmeal


4oz  Oatmeal & Lavender nighttime bar.

Lavender Body Butter


7oz Lavender whipped butter.

For dry, cracked skin & everyday moisturizing.

Lavender Silk Milk


Invoking restful sleep and the sweetest of dreams bath.