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Bay Man Jar Candle


Bay Lovers, the smoothness of Bay Laurel and Rum,

7oz Candle



4.5oz Cinnamon Bark bar.

Bay Man Beard Oil


Specially formulated for a Bay Rummer’s, softer, more manageable beard.

comes with a dropper

Massage 2-3 drops into beard and skin.

Works well as an aftershave.

Bay Man Shave Bar


3.5oz Bay Rum Shaving bar.

Brown Line


4oz Cassia & Sweet Orange scented bar, gently exfoliating.


Brown Line


The smooth scent of Cassia and Sweet Orange.

4oz Candle

Pairs well with Brown Line Soap for a perfect gift.

Cherry Avenue



7 oz Vanilla & Fir Needle bar.

Wooden gift box not included, sold in store only.

In the Loop


4 oz Chocolate & Vanilla bar.


In the Loop


The warm scent of Chocolate and Vanilla.

4 oz Candle

Pairs well with In the Loop Soap for a perfect gift!



4oz Sweet Orange and Mango creamy butter bar.

Morning Blend Soap


Handcrafted using 58% Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut, Castor and Almond Oils, with Vanilla Essential Oil, infused with Ground Coffee Beans & topped with Coffee Beans.

Pumpkin Pie Soap


It’s beginning to feel a lot like… Fall!
Welcome the cooling weather with this warm, sweet and spicy soap!
The perfect gift for the season.