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Chocolate Mint


Sweets for the sweetheart in your life. Our seasonal special just in time to celebrate some love for Chocolate and Roses!

Don’t miss your chance to snag one of these v-day favorites…

we only made 1 batch and only have 30 in stock!

Warm your heart and home with this soap… it smells almost good enough to eat!

Brown Line ‘Shea Lips’ Lip Balm


Warm up your routine with this Cassia Orange Lip tube.

Ginger Essential Oil


Description: zingibar officinale
Aroma: Spicy, warm & zesty
Uses: Eases aching muscles, bruises, nausea & arthritis. Stimulates appetite & circulation.
Effect: Warming & grounding

Marjoram Essential Oil


Description: origanum majorana
Aroma: Herbal, warm & sweet
Uses: Relieves muscle aches, coughing, spasms & menstrual pain. Aides digestion. Fights insomnia.
Effect: Warming & relaxing