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Terrain Potters Candle


The deep forest floor of pines and cedars poured into a local handmade ceramic jar.

7 oz Candle

The ceramic jar is reusable, dishwasher safe, once the candle has burned out and get creative!

Terrain Jar Candle


Northern Pines and Cedar Fir scented.

7 oz Candle

Woods Man Jar Candle


Woods scented, crisp notes of Cedar.

7 oz soy candle


In the Woods


Rejuvenates your soul, like the cool green of a forest floor.

4oz Candle Tin

In the Woods Diffuser Refill


Reforest the room.

9oz Refill – Reeds sold separately

In the Woods Room Diffuser


Reforest the room.

6oz jar – Reeds included

Woods Man Shave Bar


3.5oz Woods clean shaving bar.

Woods Shea Balm


Scoop some out and massage into skin. Your skin will drink it up. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

2oz Tin