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Aroma Workshop


Let’s all scent together and smell the opportunities in essential oils and their goodness.

This class is for all who wish to learn more about scent pallets that enhance the way we feel.





If you love playing and working with essential oils and scents then this class is for you!

Scent plays a big role in our lives, we all have a scent pallet that we love, but how and what to do with them?

In this 2 hour class we will  discover 10 different essential oils, their properties and their purposes in our daily lives.

We will focus on scent and their characteristics, how they effect us, what they bring to the

table and how they effect the products that we create. Blending them into blissful bouquets.

This class is suitable for anyone interested in growing their knowledge and usage of essential oils.

As with every class, all materials are included.