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Bergamot & Lemon Verbena Shampoo Bar


3.5oz  Bergamot & Lemon Verbena bar.


Great for all/most hair types!

Using a natural shampoo bar is not only good for the environment but great for your hair and scalp as well! It moisturizes the scalp and hair while cleansing without harmful chemicals, preservatives or lathering agents.

Directions: Rub bar directly against wet hair or between hands and work into lather. Rinse. Repeat as needed. First time shampoo bar users should allow at least 2 weeks for hair to adjust to the natural shampoo bar. Using a vinegar rinse after shampoo for the first 2 weeks is recommended to assist in the adjustment.

Crafted of Olive, Coconut, Caster, Jojoba & Avocado Oils with Mango Butter, Bergamot, Sweet Orange & Lemon Verbena Essential Oils.