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Soap Making 101


Making Cold Process soap is a rewarding process, creating something natural and wonderful that you use everyday. Now more than ever we can appreciate the value of a good soap. Come over and learn how to blend oils and craft soap. We learn all the attributes to soap in a 3 hour, hands on class.




Learn how to make soap using the Cold Process method and take a fresh bar of soap home too! This class is a hands on learning experience.

In this class you will learn:

  • Lore and origin of soap
  • The practical science of soap-making
  • Using organic, sustainable oils, additives and essential oils.
  • Cold Press Process Safety

Additional Info:

This class combines lecture, demonstration, and a hands-on portion during which we will make three large batches of soap together. This inclusive course will leave students with an informative handout, a bar of olive oil soap and a wealth of new knowledge to put to good use at home.

Email us at: [email protected] or Call (312) 738-2290 to secure a spot or if you have any questions.

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